Why Us

The distinguishing factors that should cause you to consider Wealth Engineering are the following:

  1. We take a “fiduciary oath” that requires us to manage your affairs as if your money was our money.  Your broker does not have a fiduciary responsibility.
  2. We are 100% independent.  We have access to the whole universe of investment opportunities and are not affiliated with any particular investment company.
  3. You will always deal with the Principal of the firm, David Fernandez, a professional advocate in your corner helping you align your goals with your capital resources.  Our dedication and expertise will help guide you to financial success and peace of mind.
  4. We are “Fee-Only”.  This means we do not sell any financial products.  We will only provide the best advice that is 100% objective and in your best interest.
  5. Our total expense ratio for managing money and providing ongoing financial planning advice is approximately half of the fee that you would be charged at most brokerage firms and many Investment Advisory firms.